Making a game in C from scratch! Ep 21: [Asset System, Async Ogg Reader]

Hello everyone!

This is the last major system we need to finish the game!

I am creating an entire game in C from scratch and live streaming the entire process!

This stream, we created a Ogg Vorbis reader so that our audio and be really smaller on disk. However, decompressing it can take some time, so we utilized the multithreaded job system to make it decompress the files in parallel! We also created an asset system to pack the files in a single .pak file. We specified the file, created an asset cooker to build it and read it in game!

You can watch the entire development (form the very first line of code) here on Youtube:

You can download the game and the source code for free in this link:
You can watch me live and help me make the game here:

Next stream we will do the final polish pass to release the game. It's almost done!


Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 4 MB
Aug 17, 2019
Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 21 - Source 4 MB
Aug 17, 2019

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