Hello everybody!

I'm super happy to announce that the game I have created entirely on a live stream, from scratch, in C.... IS FINISHED!

This is it! The game is done! :D

This has been a wonderful series and I'd like to thank everyone who watched and helped.
In this series of live streams, we created an entire game from scratch using the C language. You can watch the entire development!

Watch the ENTIRE development here:

PLAY the game for FREE on STEAM:

You can download the game and the source code for free in this link:
You can watch me live here:

This stream, we made the last improvement to the audio system, making it thread safe. We did some assembly debugging and some nice restructuring. We also did some gameplay tweaks, improvements and polish, like adding more particles (there are never enough particles!).
Now that the game is finished, you can expected one more stream, the GAME RELEASE stream! That will be really fun!

Next time, we will have the last stream in the series, where we will launch the game on Steam, recap the development, play the game and feel good. :D


Break Arcade Games 4 MB
Sep 13, 2019
Break Arcade Games Out - Source 4 MB
Sep 13, 2019

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