Making a game in C from scratch! Ep 19: [Camera System, Screenshake and Collision Programming]

Hello everyone!

The game is coming to en end! We are starting to wrap up this series where we create an entire game in C from scratch and live streaming the entire process!

You can watch the entire process here:

You can download the game and the source code for free in this link:
You can watch me live and help me make the game here:

This stream we redid the entire collision system, now it's super robust!! We also created a camera system for the game and implemented screenshake and what a difference a screenshakes makes! :D

Next stream, we will finalize the game's gamaplay!


Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 19 MB
79 days ago
Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 19 - Source 19 MB
79 days ago

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