Making a game in C from scratch! Ep 18: [Level Design and Gameplay Programming]

Hello everybody!

In this stream, I created and developed an entire new level for the game! This is a series where we create an entire game in C from scratch and live streaming the entire process!

Today, we started by thinking about the new level: Tetris Breakout! Then we improved the existing systems and expanded on them so that we could program the new level and game mode. Then we programmed and iterated on the new level, playing and improving it. By the end, we finished the new level! From nothing to done! :D

Check it out!

You can also watch the development process from the very first line of code!

You can download the game and the source code for free in this link:

You can watch me live and help me make the game here:

Next stream, we'll do a robustness pass on the collision and improve the game feel!



Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 19 MB
Aug 02, 2019
Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 18 - Source 19 MB
Aug 02, 2019

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