Making a game in C from scratch! Ep 17: [Gameplay Improvements: Animation, Audio, Robustness]

Hello everyone!

Another great stream in the series where we create an entire game in C from scratch and live streaming the entire process!

Today, We started solving several small problems to improve the overall gameplay. Then we spent some time cleaning up and solidifying the player movement and animation, in regards to its frame-rate dependence. We also made the game sleep after flipping the frame to keep a constant frame rate. Finally, we improved the sounds, animations, etc of the gameplay as well.

You can watch the entire development process on Youtube:

Download the game and the source code for free:

Watch me live and help me make the game here:

The stage is set so that next stream we can do a new level: Tetris!



Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 19 MB
Aug 01, 2019
Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 17 - Source 19 MB
Aug 01, 2019

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