Learn how to program a game

Hello everyone!

I have started a tutorial series to teach you how to program games!

My story is a bit funny. I started developing my first big commercial game using Unreal and I was learning what I had to on the fly. So I didn't actually know what I was doing before hand. And while I did manage to release my game to the PC and the PS4 (yaaay!) I came out of the process wanting to learn programming for real to help me out in my other games.

After a few year of learning and practicing, I decided to build my own tutorial series for people how want to learn game programming for real. The first reason I decided to do this is that it was thanks to awesome people like Casey Muratori and Jonathan Blow that posted programming live streams and tutorials online that I was able to learn it for real; so I wanted to do my part and share my knowledge as well. The other point is that there is not a great beginner-friendly, easy-to-follow tutorial series that will set you on your way to creating your own cool games. There is some more advanced stuff (that can get pretty long) and some intro to programming kind of stuff, but not much related to games that go from zero all that to shipping a simple game in a step-by-step manner.

So that is why I started my tutorial series.

You can check it out on my Youtube channel: www.youtube.com/danzaidan

Please share this with your friends and people who want to learn game programming. :)

I hope you enjoy it.


Dan Zaidan

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