Making a game in C from scratch! Ep 16: [Optimizing the Game (5x faster!), Programming a Profiler]

Hello friends!

I keep on making (and live streaming) the game. This time: engine optimizations!

This was the longest and craziest stream so far!

This stream, we started off by solving a few pending bugs. Then we decided to dive into optimizations! Firstly, I programmed a profiler that let us know, compare and understand where the game is running slowly. Then, we discussed some optimization options and optimized the software rendering. 

We got the menu from running at 4k resolution at 66ms (15 frames per second) all the way to 16ms (60 FPS!) and there are still a lot of stuff we can improve! That's (at least) 8 million pixels per frame!

That was a fun ride (especially at the end... hahah I really wanted to get 60fps (and that's our software renderer (no GPU) running at 4k! - Processing over 8 MILLION pixels! Computers today are crazy fast! :D

Check the stream out, if you have any questions, let me know! :)

You can also watch the WHOLE development process of the game (from the very first line of code, going through the renderer, audio, gameplay, save system, multithreading, menu, and so much more!) on Youtube:

You can download the game and the source code for free in this link:

You can watch me live and help me make the game here:

In the next stream, we'll go back to gameplay programming to improve it and make more levels! See you then. ;)


Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 19 MB
Jul 29, 2019
Break Arcade Games Out - Ep 16 - Source 19 MB
Jul 29, 2019

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